Wednesday 29th February 2012

ESCCAP Toxocara 2012 event 3rd - 5th October 2012 in Budapest


Toxocara meeting

Budapest 3-5th October 2012 at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus. 


 Delegates from around the World met to explore the impact of Toxocara and toxocarosis and to share knowledge about the subject. A wide range of specialist groups from parasitologists to immunologists, health care professionals to veterinarians had the unique chance to interact and exchange ideas with people from different disciplines to gain a better understanding of the challenge of controlling this important parasitic disease.

The oral presentations were divided into three main sessions which considered Toxocara and toxocarosis from the perspective of medical, biological and veterinary aspects. They covered varying topics and sparked interesting discussion.

The poster presentation had 18 submissions; Chien-Wei Liao received the Thomas Schnieder award for the poster presentation which best demonstrated excellent scientific merit. Her poster was entitled: “Enhanced expressions of brain injury-associated biomarkers and impairment of UPS during acute infection of Toxocara canis in mice”. Ayako Yoshida received the Huw Smith award for the poster presentation which best demonstrated excellent communication across scientific disciplines. Her poster was entitled: “Migratory pattern of Toxocara cati and Toxocara canis in pigs”.

The central message taken from the conference was the importance of continued investment into the research of Toxocara and toxocarosis.