ESCCAP appreciates the valuable support given by our Ruby and Sapphire Sponsors which demonstrates their commitment to the welfare of companion animals and their owners.  ESCCAP also acknowledges Novartis Animal Health Inc and Bayer Animal Health GmbH, now part of Elanco Animal Health, for taking the initiative to begin this group.

The work of ESCCAP would not be possible without the financial support of industry partners.  Their backing enables us to produce resources to support the veterinary community in Europe.  ESCCAP relies on its reputation for independence, impartiality and a commitment to the highest standards of companion animal care and our members recognise that accepting funding from external organisations for core activity is something that needs to be approached with caution.  The organisation accepts sponsorship from a wide range of companies and is not reliant on a single one.  The support is solely used to administer ESCCAP’s public relations work and to provide the required financial needs for ESCCAP publications and communication/meetings between ESCCAP members.

ESCCAP members receive honoraria for their work on ESCCAP committees.  The ESCCAP Secretariat is independent and no ESCCAP member is an employee of any of the sponsors.

Clear guidance on how ESCCAP works with the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries, in the best interests of the organisation and its end users, is set out in its Sponsorship Policy.

Sapphire Sponsors

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