New editions of GL3, GL5 and GL6 available in Polish

The sixth edition of ESCCAP's guideline 03, the third edition of guideline 05 and the second edition of guideline 06 have all been translated into Polish.  The new guidelines have been extensively revised and are available to download from the website.
Monday 10th August 2020

Deworming schemes

ESCCAP has produced two new fact sheets containing schemes for the individual deworming of dogs and cats.  The schemes are taken from the recently revised sixth edition of guideline 01: “Worm Control in Dogs and Cats”.
Wednesday 8th July 2020

Updated Dutch MG1

The Dutch translation of ESCCAP's modular guide 1: Wormbestrijding bij hond en kat has been updated to include improved life cycles for Toxocara canis, Toxocara cati, Echinococcus granulosus and Echinococcus multilocularis.  The document can be downloaded from https://www.esccap.
Thursday 11th June 2020

Four fact sheets now available in French

ESCCAP France have translated four of ESCCAP's fact sheets: Comment protéger les animaux de compagnie vis-à-vis des parasites (How to protect pets from parasites). Points à considérer lors de l’importation d’un animal abandonné (Points to consider when importing a rescue dog from abroad).
Tuesday 9th June 2020

New website for ESCCAP Ukraine

A new website has been launched for ESCCAP Ukraine at  It has a news section, contact information and a page where translated documents are available to download.
Wednesday 20th May 2020

New edition of worm control guideline available in Polish

The sixth edition of ESCCAP's guideline 01 has been translated into Polish.  The guideline, entitled "Odrobaczanie psów i kotów", has been extensively revised and contains updated maps, life cycles, and tables along with new schemes for the individual deworming of dogs and cats.
Monday 18th May 2020