WSAVA event in Birmingham - ESCCAP stand

The WSAVA / FECAVA / BSAVA World Congress was held in Birmingham from 12th to 15th April 2012. ESCCAP had a stand for the four days which was shared with ESCCAP UK. This event was billed as the largest international veterinary event ever held in the UK with 40 streams of CPD over the four days with more than 300 lectures and masterclasses....
Sunday 15th April 2012

ESCCAP Lisbon Forum posters

Data was supplied by  ESCCAP Members from their National Associations for the recent ESCCAP Lisbon Forum and was made available to participants as Poster displays to illustrate some of the differences between countries in Europe. The topics covered were:       ...
Saturday 31st March 2012

ESCCAP Forum in Lisbon

Not even a general strike in Lisbon on 22nd March could prevent the ESCCAP Forum going ahead as planned. All the main speakers, the guest speaker and the EU representative speaker were able to attend and the audience raised a variety of questions and issues following the presentations....
Wednesday 29th February 2012

ESCCAP Toxocara 2012 event 3rd - 5th October 2012 in Budapest

  Toxocara meeting Budapest 3-5th October 2012 at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus.     Delegates from around the World met to explore the impact of Toxocara and toxocarosis and to share knowledge about the subject. A wide range of specialist groups from parasitologists ...
Wednesday 29th February 2012

ESCCAP Spain online from 1st February 2012

ESCCAP Spain's "2012 communication core tool", the online sponsored section at    
Friday 6th January 2012

Vets Express Concerns Over Changes to Travel Rules

Experts in veterinary parasitology have been voicing their concern over the implications of the imminent changes to the UK’s Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), the system that allows certain species, including cats and dogs, to enter the UK without quarantine. On 28th October, ESCCAP ...
Thursday 15th December 2011