New edition of ectoparasite guideline – January 2022

A new edition of ESCCAP's ectoparasite guideline was published online on 12th January 2022.  The new edition has been extensively revised and contains updated text, tables, life cycles and maps.  The new version has already been translated by Poland, Hungary, Switzerland and Germany.
Wednesday 12th January 2022

GL8 now available in Hungarian

ESCCAP's guideline 8, A Guide to the Treatment and Control of Equine Gastrointestinal Parasite Infections, is now available in Hungarian.  Click here to download.
Tuesday 11th January 2022

Season's greetings from ESCCAP

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a prosperous New Year from everyone at ESCCAP
Tuesday 14th December 2021

Four fact sheets now available in Ukrainian

ESCCAP Ukraine have translated four of ESCCAP's fact sheets: Як захистити домашніх тварин від паразитів (How to protect pets from parasites). Моменти, які слід враховувати при імпорті адоптаційного...
Wednesday 17th November 2021

ESCCAP’s Achievements 2018–2021

ESCCAP has produced a new flyer showing its most significant achievements between 2018 and 2021.  The accomplishments have been colour-coded according to category and include new publications, expansion into new countries, liaison with industry partners, attendance at events and the initiation of parasite prevalence mapping in Europe.
Friday 5th November 2021

New edition of GL1 available in Dutch

The new sixth edition of ESCCAP's guideline 01: “Worm Control in Dogs and Cats” is now available in Dutch. The new edition includes the addition of emodepside spot-on treatment in pregnant queens. The Taenia spp. diagnosis section has been amended and there have been slight changes to some life cycles.
Monday 6th September 2021