New Guideline: Parasitological Diagnosis in Cats, Dogs and Equines

ESCCAP (European Scientific Counsel Companion Animal Parasites) is delighted to announce the completion of its diagnostics guideline: Parasitological Diagnosis in Cats, Dogs and Equines. This guideline is intended for use by veterinary professionals who carry out routine diagnostic procedures in their practice for the detection of parasitic...
Friday 11th November 2022

MG5 now available in French

ESCCAP's new modular guide series 5, Control of Vector-Borne Diseases in Dogs and Cats is now available in French.  Click here to download.
Wednesday 9th November 2022

Revised maps

All of ESCCAP's maps were revised in 2022 and are now available to view on the These new maps supersede any currently appearing in our guidelines which will be revised in due course.
Wednesday 21st September 2022

ESCCAP Babesiosis film

A short overview video has been developed on canine babesiosis, specifically targeting dog owners. It contains information on transmission, clinical signs, prevalence and management.
Monday 5th September 2022

GL8 now available in Ukrainian

ESCCAP's guideline 8, A Guide to the Treatment and Control of Equine Gastrointestinal Parasite Infections, is now available in Ukrainian.  Click here to download.
Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Toxocara fact sheet available in several languages

ESCCAP's new fact sheet summarising the important topic of Toxocara infection in dogs and cats can now be downloaded in several different languages from the website at
Tuesday 2nd August 2022