Can I reproduce an image, map, life cycle or table from your website?

If you are using the image for personal, non-profit, educational, research or scholarly purposes then you may reproduce it as long as ESCCAP is suitably acknowledged. You may not repeatedly reproduce it (i.e. add it to a brochure, flyer or website) or use it for commercial gain unless you have express permission. ESCCAP images should not be used alongside any product which might imply that ESCCAP is recommending its use.

Can I link to the ESCCAP website from my website?

Potentially any external web site may add a hyperlink to the ESCCAP website without requesting permission. However, this use must not infringe ESCCAP's intellectual property rights, in particular relating to its name, logo, copyright or authors' rights. ESCCAP does not normally provide links to external web sites unless there is a clear association with ESCCAP's activities.

Can I reproduce the ESCCAP logo?

Please do not reproduce the ESCCAP logo without written permission. To obtain permission, please contact ESCCAP in writing explaining why you wish to use the logo and how the logo will be used.