I am looking for a research position in the field of parasitology. Can you help?

Unfortunately, ESCCAP does not have a central research facility and does not offer PhD supervision. Most of ESCCAP’s members are based in research institutions throughout Europe and may be able to help.

Do you offer work experience?

Unfortunately, ESCCAP does not offer work experience. Our members are all based in different countries throughout Europe. There is a central finance and business administration office in the UK but this is staffed by self-employed contractors.

How do I join ESCCAP?

ESCCAP is not a membership organisation as such. Our members are representatives of the European countries (currently 16) where ESCCAP has a national group or association. Each national association then has its own structure so whilst some countries will have a small number of associate members, others may have many. If you wish to become involved with ESCCAP at a national level, please contact the ESCCAP member from your area. Veterinary practitioners and vet students can also register online via their local national association website.

How do I become a supporting organisation?

ESCCAP is an established pan-European organisation which values its reputation and seeks the endorsement of like-minded, reputable organisations. We would welcome an opportunity to discuss the possibility of receiving a statement from your organisation which would simply indicate that you support the aims and objectives of ESCCAP.